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L-Malic Acid

BOSSBarbara Sun Dec 08, 2020
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L-Malic Acid


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Product Introduction

L-Malic Acid is a form that can be used by organism. It is often used in compound amino acid injection (an important nutritional drug after operation) to improve the utilization rate of amino acid,which is particularly important for patients with postoperative weakness and liver dysfunction.
Potassium L-malate is a good potassium supplement,which can maintain the water balance of human body and treat edema,hypertension and fat accumulation. L-malic acid is a good drug for the treatment of liver disease,especially hyperglycemia caused by liver dysfunction. L-malic acid sodium has 1/3 salty taste of salt which can be used as substitute salt for renal patients.
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    • L-Malic Acid

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L-Malic Acid Use

The uses of L-malic acid in food, medicine, daily chemical and other departments are as follows:
(1) Food industry: it is used for processing and configuration of beverages, liquors, fruit juice, and also for the manufacture of candy, jam, etc., which has bacteriostatic and antiseptic effects on food. It can also be used for pH regulation of yoghurt fermentation and tartrate removal in wine brewing.

(2) Tobacco industry: malic acid derivatives (such as esters) can improve the flavor of tobacco.

(3) Pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of tablets and syrup with malic acid can be fruity and conducive to absorption and diffusion in vivo.

(4) Daily chemical industry: it is a good complexing agent and ester agent, which can be used in toothpaste formula, dental floss preparation, synthetic perfume formula, etc., and can also be used as an ingredient of deodorant and detergent.

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