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You could consult our experts about the performance of APIs,product specifications, efficacy or any other questions.

Quotation And Sample

You will receive customized offers based on your requirements.Samples and inspection reports can be used for testing and identification


More than 10 years of manufacturing experience, to ensure that all purity is not lower than the requirements of customers or pharmacies.

products Pesticide TC Cosmetic Ingredient Food/Feed Additive API Plant Extract Fertilizer / Urea

Supplyyou APIS with superior quaily

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Our Distinctive Advantage

COMEBOARD Connects The World's Beautiful Packaging Business

  • Plant extracts COMEBOARD produces high-quality PLANT EXTRACTS
  • Video/feed additives COMEBOARD produces high-quality VIDEO/FEED ADDITIVES
  • Cosmetic ingredients COMEBOARD produces high-quality COSMETIC INGREDIENTS
  • Custom synthesis COMEBOARD produces high-quality CUSTOM SYNTHESIS

cooperation Agency

cooperation Agency

cooperation Agency

cooperation Agency

4 major service processes

Progressively enable pandemic markets for process-centric processes.
Completely iterate resource maximizing process improvements.

Work Process

Sample By Mail

Customer inquiries, product samples by sea, land and air mail.

Work Process

Global Shipping

Global transportation by sea, land and air, customer receiving.

Work Process

Customer Orders

Customers place orders, freight shipments (partners all over the world)

Work Process

Submit The Balance

The customer conducts product acceptance and pays the balance.

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