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Product Introduction

The abbreviation of glutathione,also known as melanin GSH. Melanin GSH is a special substance for detoxification.It is a small peptide composed of three amino acids. As an important antioxidant and free radical scavenger in vivo,it combines with free radicals and heavy metals,so as to transform harmful poisons into harmless substances and excrete them out of the body.
    • Product Name
      Loss on Drying
      CAS No
      Melting Point
    • L-glutathione Reduced
      189-193 ° C

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Glutathione Use

Cystine can not only eliminate free radicals, but also improve human immunity. Glutathione is healthy, anti-aging, and plays a more important role in the aging cells than the younger ones.
Glutathione can also protect hemoglobin from hydrogen peroxide oxidation, free radicals and other oxidation, so that it can continue to play a normal role in oxygen transport.
Under the action of oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, part of hemoglobin in red blood cells is oxidized from divalent iron to trivalent iron, which changes hemoglobin into methemoglobin, thus losing the ability of carrying oxygen. Reduced glutathione can not only directly combine with oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide to produce water and oxidized glutathione, but also reduce methemoglobin to hemoglobin.
There are a lot of glutathione in human red blood cells, which is of great significance to protect the sulfhydryl group of protein on red blood cell membrane from being reduced and prevent hemolysis.

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