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Product Introduction

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound,which mainly comes from peanut,grape(red wine),Polygonumcuspidatum,mulberry and other plants.
Resveratrol,also known as stilbene is a kind of natural polyphenol with strong biological properties.
It is not only a chemical preventive agent for tumor but also a chemical preventive agent for reducing platelet aggregation,preventing and treating atherosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
According to the research results of the U.S. Department of agriculture,resveratrol is also contained in peanut red coat and kernel.
In 2012,the University of Connecticut dismissed professor Dipak K. DAS,a graduate of India's Calcutta University,for his falsification of resveratrol research. Therefore,the actual effect of resveratrol on health is lack of evidence.
A total of 150 articles have been published on Dipak K. DAS,a resveratrol in red wine; however,the University of Connecticut survey found that more than 150 articles were falsified,including the one in January 2012 before his dismissal. His lab is not even proficient in basic experimental techniques such as Western blot.
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Resveratrol Use

As a selective Cox − 1 inhibitor; a phenolic plant antitoxin found in grape skins and other plants, used to protect plant cells and prevent fungal invasion. For animals, resveratrol has intracellular antioxidant activity and activation of SIRT1 gene expression; a NAD + dependent histone deacetylase, which is included in the biological origin of mitochondria and enhances peroxisome γ - activated proliferator receptor coactivator-1 α (PGC-1 α) and FOXO activity; resveratrol's antidiabetic, neuroprotective and fatty behavior inhibiting potential It is promoted by SIRT1 activation.

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