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Product Introduction

Arbutin,also known as arbutin,arbutin,arbutin,arbutin,arbutin or arbutin is a skin whitening active substance that integrates the concepts of "green","safety" and "high efficiency" because it is the earliest natural green plant.
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    • Beta-Arbutin
      Arbutin no.497-76-7
      White Needle Crystal

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Beta-Arbutin Use

Arbutin, also known as arbutin, arbutin, arbutin, arbutin, arbutin or arbutin, is a skin whitening active substance that integrates the concepts of "green", "safety" and "high efficiency" because it is the earliest natural green plant. It can quickly penetrate into the skin, effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, block the formation of melanin, accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin through the combination of itself and tyrosinase, so as to reduce the accumulation of skin pigment and remove the spots and freckles. It has no toxic, irritating, sensitizing and other side effects on melanocytes, but also has the functions of moistening, increasing wound, sterilization and synergistic anti-inflammatory. It is one of the most safe and effective whitening materials popular abroad, and also the most competitive skin whitening and freckle removing active agent in the 21st century. Precautions for use: 1. Arbutin is easy to decompose in acid environment, and the pH value of the system should be controlled above 6.0; 2. Arbutin should be dissolved in a small amount of water at 45 ℃, and added at 45 ℃ after the cream is emulsified completely; 3. An appropriate amount of antioxidant such as sodium hydrogen sulfite should be added into the formula system; 4. It can be effectively mixed with zwitterionic surfactant and anionic surfactant in the formula Compatibility; 5. Adding the natural vegetable oil containing oleic acid and linoleic acid can promote the synergistic effect of arbutin; 6. Azone, octadecyldimethylamine oxide can promote the absorption of arbutin; 7. The recommended addition amount: 2-7%. Packaging: 1kg aluminum foil bag; 25kg / cardboard barrel; storage and transportation: light proof, sealed, stored in a dry place.

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