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Polyethylene Glycol

BOSSBarbara Sun Dec 08, 2020
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Polyethylene Glycol


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Product Introduction

The series of products are non-toxic,non irritant,slightly bitter in taste,with good water solubility and good solubility with many organic components.
They have excellent lubricity,moisture retention,dispersibility,adhesive,antistatic agent and softener.
They are widely used in cosmetics,pharmacy,chemical fiber,rubber,plastic,paper making,paint,electroplating,pesticide,metal processing and food processing industries.
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    • Polyethylene Glycol

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Polyethylene Glycol Use

1. PEG-400 is most suitable for making soft capsules. Because PEG400 is a liquid and has a wide compatibility with various solvents, it is a good solvent and solubilizer, which is widely used in liquid preparations, such as oral liquid, eye drops, etc. When vegetable oil is not suitable for the carrier of active ingredient, peg is the first choice. This is mainly because peg is stable and not easy to deteriorate. The injection containing PEG is safe and stable when heated to 150 ℃. In addition, it can be mixed with high molecular weight (PEG) and its mixture has good solubility and good compatibility with drugs.

2. Peg-14503350 is most suitable for plaster, suppository and cream. Due to its high water solubility and wide melting point range, peg14503350 can be used alone or mixed to produce a melting point range with long storage time and meeting the requirements of drugs and physical effects. The suppository with PEG matrix has less irritation than that with traditional grease matrix.

3. Peg-40006000000 is used for tablets, capsules, film coating, dropping pills, suppositories, etc.Because of the plasticity of PEG and its ability to release drugs, high molecular weight PEG (PEG4000, PEG6000, peg8000) is very useful as the adhesive for making tablets. Peg can make the surface of the tablet glossy and smooth, while not easy to damage. In addition, a small amount of high molecular weight PEG (PEG4000, PEG6000, peg8000) can prevent adhesion between sugar coated tablets and drug bottles.

4. Cell fusion technology mainly adopts polyethylene glycolPolyethylene glycol (PEG) can change the structure of biofilm of all kinds of cells, and make the lipid molecules in the plasma membrane at the contact point of two cells disperse and recombine. Because of the mutual affinity and surface tension of the plasma membrane of the bimolecular layer at the interface of two cells, the cells fuse and form hybrid cells. Some of them can be obtained by culturing the hybrid cells (cytoplasmic hybrid). Special hybrid plants.

5. Application in molecular biologyPeg can induce the aggregation of macromolecules in aqueous solution. There are many uses in molecular cloning, including: 1. Precipitation of DNA according to molecular size; 2. Precipitation and purification of phage particles; 3. Hybridization, DNA molecular flat end connection and DNA terminal labeling with T4 polyacidokinase to increase the binding efficiency of complementary nucleic acid chains. 4. Cell or bacterial protoplast fusion.

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