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Product Introduction

Maltodextrin is also called water soluble dextrin or enzyme dextrin. It is made of all kinds of starch,which is hydrolyzed,purified and dried by enzymatic process.
Its raw materials are corn and rice with starch. It can also be refined starch,such as corn starch,wheat starch,cassava starch, etc. In 1970,veberbacher defined maltodextrin as follows: the product with starch as raw material and de value below 20% after controlled hydrolysis is called maltodextrin to distinguish the dextrin product generated by starch pyrolysis.

The main properties of maltodextrin are directly related to the hydrolysis rate. The de value not only indicates the degree of hydrolysis but also is an important index to master the product characteristics.
Understanding the relationship between de value and physical properties of maltodextrin series products is conducive to the correct selection and application of various maltodextrin series products.
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    • Maltodextrin
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Maltodextrin Use

Maltodextrin is a starch hydrolysate with de less than 20. It is between starch and starch sugar, which is a kind of nutritional polysaccharide with low price, smooth taste and no taste. Maltodextrin is generally a mixture of various de values. It can be a white powder or a concentrated liquid.

Maltodextrin series products produced in China are all produced by enzymatic process with corn, rice and other direct raw materials. Maltodextrin is widely used in confectionery, milk powder, milk powder, ice cream, beverage, canned food and other food. It is the filler and modifier of all kinds of food.

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