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Beta Cyclodextrin

BOSSBarbara Sun Dec 08, 2020
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Beta Cyclodextrin


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Product Introduction

β-cyclodextrin,also known as beta cyclodextrin,cycloheptosaccharide and cyclomaltose is widely used in the separation of organic compounds and organic synthesis,as well as pharmaceutical excipients and food additives.
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    • β–cyclodextrin
      ≥ 99%

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Beta Cyclodextrin Use

It is widely used in the separation of organic compounds, organic synthesis, pharmaceutical excipients, food additives and so on.

At present, the inclusion complexes of natural cyclodextrins and modified cyclodextrins with some drug molecules without biocompatibility have been prepared. It not only increases the biocompatibility of the drug, but also plays the role of sustained release.

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