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Povidone Iodine

BOSSBarbara Sun Dec 08, 2020
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Povidone Iodine


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Product Introduction

Povidone Iodine is a kind of loose complex formed by the combination of element iodine and polymer carrier. Povidone acts as carrier and solubilizer.
At room temperature,it is a yellow brown to brown red amorphous powder. Slightly odorous,easily soluble in water or ethanol,the aqueous solution is acid,insoluble in ether,chloroform,acetone,ethane and carbon tetrachloride.

Povidone Iodine aqueous solution has no iodine tincture,light coloring,easy elution,little stimulation to mucous membrane,no need of alcohol deioding,no corrosive effect and low toxicity.
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    • Povidone Iodine

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Povidone Iodine Use

It is a broad-spectrum powerful disinfectant, which has a strong killing effect on virus, bacteria, fungi and fungal spores. This product is less irritating to the skin, less toxic and has a long-lasting effect. It is safe and easy to use. It is basically non irritant to tissue, and is used for skin and mucous membrane disinfection, such as preoperative cleaning, surgical site and wound disinfection.

Povidone Iodine, usually made into 10% solution, is used as disinfectant. Effective killing: Newcastle disease, bursa of Fabricius, avian influenza, mycoplasma, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, influenza, blue ear disease, etc. It can also kill the eggs of livestock and poultry parasites, and inhibit the breeding of mosquitoes, flies and other insects. And can be used in fruit trees, crops, fish and shrimp breeding.

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