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Povidone K30

BOSSBarbara Sun Dec 08, 2020
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Povidone K30


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Product Introduction

Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) is a kind of non-ionic polymer, which is the most characteristic of n-vinylamide polymer, and has been studied the most profound and extensive fine chemicals.
It has developed into a series of homopolymers,copolymers and cross-linked polymers with three major categories of non-ionic,cationic and anionic,three specifications of industrial,pharmaceutical and food grade,relative molecular weight ranging from thousands to over one million and has been widely used for its excellent and unique performance.
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    • Povidone K30

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Povidone K30 Use

As a kind of synthetic water-soluble polymer, PVP has the general properties of water-soluble polymer, such as colloidal protection, film-forming, adhesion, hygroscopicity, solubilization or agglomeration, but it has the most characteristics, so people pay more attention to its excellent solubility and physiological compatibility.

In synthetic polymers, such as PVP, which is not only soluble in water, but also in most organic solvents, has low toxicity and good physiological solubility. Especially in the fields of medicine, food, cosmetics, which are closely related to people's health, with the price of butyrolactone decreasing, it will show a good prospect for its development.

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