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L-Tartaric Acid

BOSSBarbara Sun Dec 08, 2020
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L-Tartaric Acid


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Product Introduction

L-Tartaric Acid is a chemical substance with the molecular formula of C4H6O6. Appearance: colorless translucent crystal or white fine to coarse crystal powder with sour taste. It is widely used as sour agent for drinks and other foods.
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    • L-Tartaric Acid

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L-Tartaric Acid Use

[application 1]  L-Tartaric Acid is widely used as sour agent for beverages and other foods.

[application 2]  Used as biochemical reagent, masking agent and beer foaming agent, and also used in tanning industry

[application 3]  L-Tartaric Acid is widely used as an acid agent in beverages and other foods, and it is used in wine, soft drinks, candy, bread and some gelatinous sweets. Using its optical activity as a chemical resolution agent, it can be used to manufacture the resolution of anti tuberculosis drug intermediate DL aminobutanol; it can also be used as a chiral raw material for the synthesis of tartaric acid derivatives; using its acidity as a catalyst for polyester fabric resin finishing and a pH regulator produced by oryzanol.

[Purpose 4] To use its complexability as complexing agent, masking agent, chelating agent and dye resist in electroplating, desulfurization, pickling, chemical analysis and medical inspection; to use its reducibility as reducing agent in chemical mirror making. Photographic developer. It can also be used as a cleaning agent and polishing agent for metal surface.

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