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Seaweed Extract

BOSSBarbara Sun Dec 08, 2020
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Seaweed Extract


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Product Introduction

Seaweed Extract (sesmollient) is a kind of pure natural marine biological product all the characteristics come from this special seaweed itself. It contains alginate,crude protein,vitamins,enzymes and trace elements.
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    • Seaweed Extract
      Green Powder
      Seaweed Powder

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Seaweed Extract Use

After absorbed by the skin, this kind of nutrition can reduce the surface blood fat, improve the hemopoietic function of the surface skin, and also have the functions of weight loss, heat preservation and thickening. Seaweed extract has a wide range of uses. When you make DIY skin care products by yourself, adding a small amount of less than 5% can increase the smooth feeling of the products, in addition, it also contains a large number of anions, thus giving sesmolientanti wrinkle and anti-aging properties.

Sesmolient has a large number of anions, and it can also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin by fiber cells, promote skin metabolism, anti wrinkle and anti-aging. It can enhance the hemopoietic function of the surface skin and inhibit the use of the skin in vitro. In recent years, it has been used in advanced cosmetics, soap, bath, shampoo, etc.

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