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Inulin Powder

BOSSBarbara Sun Dec 08, 2020
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Inulin Powder


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Product Introduction

Inulin is a kind of reserve polysaccharide in plants,which mainly comes from plants. More than 36000 kinds of inulin have been found,including 11 families such as Compositae,Platycodon and Gentianaceae in dicotyledonous plants and Liliaceae and Gramineae in monocotyledonous plants.

For example,there are abundant inulin in the tubers of Jerusalem artichoke,chicory,Pelargonium (Dahlia) and thistle,among which the inulin content of Jerusalem artichoke is the highest.

Inulin is composed of 31 β-d-furan fructose and 1 ~ 2 pyrethrose residues,which can be linked by β - 2,1-bond. D-fructose is a linear straight chain polysaccharide linked by β(1 → 2) glycoside bond with a glucose residue at the end.

The polymerization degree (DP) is 2~60 and inulin with an average polymerization degree of DP ≤ 9 is also called short chain inulin. Inulin extracted from natural plants contains both long chain and short chain.

The molecular formula of inulin is GFN,where g represents the terminal glucose unit,f represents the fructose molecule and N represents the number of fructose units.
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Inulin Powder Use

1. Blood lipid control.

2. Reduce blood sugar.

3. Promote mineral absorption.

4. Regulate intestinal microflora, improve intestinal health and prevent constipation.

5. Inhibit the production of toxic fermentation products, protect the liver and prevent colon cancer.

6. Prevent constipation and treat obesity with dietary fiber, reduce the stay time of food in gastrointestinal tract, and increase the amount of feces, so as to effectively treat constipation. Its function of reducing weight is to increase the viscosity of the contents, reduce the speed of food from stomach to small intestine, so as to reduce hunger and food intake.

7. There is a small amount of 2-9 fructooligosaccharide in inulin. The study shows that fructooligosaccharide can increase the expression of neurotrophic factors in brain nerve cells, which has a good protective effect on corticosterone induced neuron damage and has a good antidepressant effect.

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