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You could consult our experts about the performance of APIs,
product specifications, efficacy or any other questions.
All your doubts will be solved within 12 hours.


Quotation and sample

You will receive customized offers based on your requirements.
Samples and inspection reports can be used for testing and identification



We offer small packages of aluminum foil bags (1-10kg) or 25kg drums of
packaging for regular products.



You can choose a variety of shipping methods for every corner in
the world. Usually we recommend air freight or express delivery for small batches of goods, both
of which can ensure that your goods shipped within 7 days after ordered. And we recommend sea
freight for large quantities of goods to save your cost



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      Plant Extract
      Food/Feed Additive
      Pesticide TC
      Cosmetic Ingredient
      Custom Synthesis

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      +86-24-83650516 ext. 8008

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