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World health care is a famliy

Perform better than what you expect, serve further than you’ve thought of, always give what you need most, this is how a butler works.

Considerate service

Experienced sales team understands your real needs and recommends the best possible products for your business.

Integrated service like a chain

During the whole process from order to picking up goods, we keep an eye on logistics and always focus on solving any unexpected trouble.


Quick Delivery, all stocked goods will be shipped within 7 working days.

Customized services

Also we supply OEM and ODM services to further meet your product requirements

Cordial service

Compared to dogmatic rules on quantity, you can always begin with small MOQ with us.

Consistent quality

We also follow ISO 9001 International Management Standards and make sure you get goods with stable quality.

Supplyyou APIS with superior quaily

What makes us your right option?

Combining high-quality production, strict inspection with market trends, gives birth to the most environmentally friendly solution on pharmaceutical raw materials.

COMEBOARD always adheres to the motto of " butler-like service"". Meanwhile, we are striving to provide better quality products with lower cost for Human beings all over the world. All of our products (APIs) meet the requirement of Drug Control Regulations of Importing Countries.

To control the quality of production process, we have a complete SOP quality control system (standard operating procedures). All operations are documented, traceable, and have customer feedback/comments and recall procedures. Testing, change, modification and risk management are the whole ecosystem of API production.In addition, our R&D team is working hard on testing techniques and validation, including impurity separation, analysis, tracking, etc.

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